1.The 38th Graduation Ceremony (HIGHEST PRIORITY)
ANNOUNCED BY   Registration & Educational Services Office   ANNOUNCED DATE   4 September 2015
ANNOUNCED BY   -   ANNOUNCED DATE   6 October 2015
 3.Report Drop W Semester1 Academic Year 2015 (VERY HIGH PRIORITY)
Courses that have been terminated letter “W” Semester 1 Academic Year 2015 AUGUST 10, 2015– OCTOBER 30, 2015.

Forging an instructor’s signature is against University regulations as well as being legal and will result in criminal charges
ANNOUNCED BY   Registration & Admissions Office   ANNOUNCED DATE   2 October 2015
 4.For graduate students, Summer 2014 (VERY HIGH PRIORITY)
Students who graduate in the Summer 2014 can receive the Transcript and Certificate of Education with the board of trustees since September 14, 2015 At the Office of the Registrar’s Channel 2.
ANNOUNCED BY   Educational Documentation Unit   ANNOUNCED DATE   31 August 2015
 5.Guidelines for transfering credits
Contact your Head of Department
 6.Unregister SMS
Type a message unregister studentcode password(for send to 9010184 exe. unregister 5101001 1234567
ANNOUNCED BY   registration   ANNOUNCED DATE   5 April 2012
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